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Maxdps mage

Maxdps mage

Forgot your password? On this page, you will learn how to optimize the rotation of your Fire Mage in both single-target and multiple-target situations. We also have advanced sections about cooldowns, procs, etc. Use the switches below to tailor the rotation to the talents you are using or situations you expect to be facing, and it will populate the rotation priority list appropriately:. The core component of this specialization is chaining as many Critical Strikes together as possible to maintain large Ignite s.

Fire is an extremely reactive specialization, meaning that most of your optimizations will occur moment to moment, rather than planning a large damage dump minutes in advance. It is highly recommended you read the "Combustion Usage" section as it is of crucial importance to the Fire specialization. For more information on your opening sequence, please refer to our dedicated section. Understanding how to generate Critical Strikes as efficiently as possible is key to utilizing Fire effectively.

This is a specialization that is designed to crit more often than not, so it is easy to understand why learning to execute the right combos to create a chain of crits is of paramount importance.

Generally, you will then want to cast a Fireballand immediately spend your Hot Streak on a Pyroblast as your Fireball cast finishes. Both of these spells will strike at the same time, chance at an immediate follow up Hot Streak if both of them critically strike.

If only one of the spells critically strikes, Heating Up will proc and you can immediately Fire Blast and repeat this process. There is a 0. This is known as "Pyroblast Fishing" and is the best way to create a large chain of crits. The exception to this rule is during Combustionwhere all spells will crit, allowing you to chain together a variety of combos that will be covered in more detail later in the guide.

A popular build is to run double on-use trinkets, by combining Azshara's Font of Power and Corrupted Gladiator's Badge. Using both of these trinkets will have an impact on your rotation.

Since on-use trinkets share a second cooldown with each other, you cannot simply press both trinkets at the same time and have both effects active for Combustion. Your opener will also look slightly different when using double on-use trinkets. Instead of pulling the boss normally, you should use Azshara's Font of Power 7 seconds before the pull timer finishes, and delay your Combustion rotation until there are less than 2 seconds remaining on Corrupted Gladiator's Badge 's cooldown, which should occur roughly 13 seconds into the fight.

The Pyroclasm talent gives you a chance to proc the Pyroclasm buff, which makes your next non-instant Pyroblast hit extremely hard. Normally, you will want to just cast these non-instant Pyroblasts as you get the procs, however, since the proc can stack up to 2 times, there are scenarios in which you should hold onto it as long as you only have 1 charge:. That said, the most important thing is actually using the Pyroclasm procs.

If they ever time out before being used, it is a huge DPS loss. Because of this, it is advisable to always keep 1 stack of Shimmer available for the situation where you get a certain raid mechanic on you while casting the non-instant Pyroblast, so you can simply Shimmer away instead of interrupting this long cast and risk losing the proc.

Fire Mage DPS Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

Meteor should always be used together with Rune of Powersince they have the same cooldown. If you do not have Rune of Power talented, it should be used on cooldown, but make sure it is available when Combustion becomes available. Flamestrike has a long cast time, and it is not often worth hard-casting it during an encounter. The only exception is when Flame Patch is talented, and you have no meaningful high priority targets and you want to aoe everything down at a similar pace.

Rather, when a certain number of targets are present 5 or more, 3 or more with Flame Patch talentedyou will switch from spending your Hot Streak procs on Pyroblast to Flamestrike. Ignite is also applied by Flamestrike. You should treat Flamestrike the same way you would treat Pyroblast rotationally, and follow the same spell priority you would on a single target.

The main difference between Pyroblast and Flamestrike is that Flamestrike cannot generate Heating Up or Hot Streak, making crit chains less likely. Flamestrike is a targeted ability, so it can be helpful to already have the reticle placed during your Fireball cast, allowing you to instantly Flamestrike.

Though it will result in higher DPS, it can often be a wiser choice to Pyroblast the most important targets first on raid encounters to give your group the greatest chance of success. Rune of Power is a medium length cooldown that is best used to apply significant pressure during its duration.The original site is www.

The main idea of MaxDPS Assistant is allowing you to control your character the way you like, run, jump, etc. But when you begin to fight all the combat buttons are pressed by our program.

According to all this conditions it uses the necessary ability. You can fully control movement of your character at the same time.

maxdps mage

Especially if there are more abilities then fingers on his hands. All this leads to character standby and DPS decrease. Computers are not affected by this reaction time defect — they can check for ability or spell readiness hundreds or thousands times per second and press the corresponding key at the same moment in case it got ready. We decided to establish our project to help the people who want to make the most DPS out of their character and who do not want to loose a single second fighting an enemy.

Our programs use neither memory injections nor Protected Lua.

maxdps mage

They are based on screen analysis and keystroke sending, and thus they are mostly safe. But you should remember that using of any sort of 3rd party tools is forbidden by Blizzard license agreement. Thursday 16th April June 30, Greetings!Forgot your password? On this page, you will learn how to optimize the rotation of your Arcane Mage in both single-target and multiple-target situations.

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We also have advanced sections about cooldowns, procs, etc. Use the switches below to tailor the rotation to the talents you are using or situations you expect to be facing, and it will populate the rotation priority list appropriately:. The rotation of an Arcane Mage is outlined in the following priority list. The concept is to maintain a high and stable Mana pool during your Conserve Phasebiding time until your cooldowns are available. As soon as your cooldowns are ready, you enter the Burn Phase where you siphon all your Mana into damage.

After the Burn phase concludes, you recoup your entire Mana pool using Evocationand the cycle begins anew. The Burn phase commences at the start of the encounter, and whenever Arcane Power is off cooldown thereafter. It is important to ensure you will not be interrupted during the Burn phase, so avoid entering this part of the rotating during heavy movement or when volatile mechanics are active.

See our Opening Sequence for instructions on what to cast when the fight starts. The Conserve Phase is deceptively straightforward, but it mercilessly punishes mistakes. Once Evocation is on cooldown, the only way to regain your Mana is by waiting for it to slowly regenerate. Therefore, paying close attention to your Mana and your available spells is of crucial importance.

During the Conserve Phase you should try to maximize the amount of time spent casting Arcane Blast with 4 Arcane Charges, while keeping your Mana high enough during the Conserve Phase, so that when your Arcane Power comes off cooldown you are able to Burn as much Mana as possible within that window for optimal output. The Rune of Power and Arcane Barrage usage may seem a bit complicated at first, but what it comes down to is quite simple:.

If you are unfamiliar with Arcane, managing your Arcane Charges can be a bit confusing at first. Arcane as a specialization is fundamentally very straightforward, but also stands apart from many specializations in the respect that you have full control over your damage output and resources at all times. Ultimately, the only wild card in the Arcane rotation is Clearcastingand it alters the specialization in a unique way.

Since Arcane Missiles does not cost any Mana to cast when used during Clearcasting, it functions as a way to regenerate Mana without having to cast Arcane Barrage. Every time you do a new pull on a boss, you will reorganize your abilities into a different sequence due to the randomness of Clearcasting procs. Ultimately this results in a reactive playstyle revolving around your Mana pool.

It is not possible to maintain a stable Mana pool by only casting Arcane Blast at 4 Arcane Charges, and therefore you will have to sometimes clear your charges with Arcane Barrage during the Conserve phase. Since it is Mana neutral to cast 4 Arcane Blasts followed by an Arcane Barrage, as long as you run Rule of Threes or have a decent amount of Mastery on your gearyou should never cast Arcane Barrage with less than 4 Arcane Charges.

It is important to use Arcane Missiles instantly when you get Clearcastingsince it does not stack, and Clearcasting indirectly equals a lot of free Mana, since it allows you to regenerate Mana while channeling Arcane Missiles. This in turn allows you to cast more Arcane Blast s at 4 Arcane Charges. In conclusion, your Mana pool and Arcane Charges have inverse synergy. The longer you remain at higher stacks of Arcane Charges, the faster your Mana bar will deplete, but the more burst damage you will deal.

The shorter you remain at higher stacks of Arcane Charges, the easier it will be to maintain a stable Mana pool or possibly regenerate Manathough you will deal less burst damage. Clearcasting serves as a tool to allow you to remain at high stacks for an increased period without penalty, but occurs randomly, keeping you on your toes. Finally, during the Burn phase the intent is to permanently remain at maximum Arcane Charges until your Mana pool is entirely depleted.

Evocation is not affected by Arcane Charges, but it is still preferable to ensure you do not clear your charges with Arcane Barrage before casting Evocation. Many channeled basic spells, such as Drain Soulbenefit from truncating or "clipping" the channel after the tick before the last tick, allowing you to immediately lead into the next cast without delay. Arcane Missileshowever, fires off an extra missile every time it ticks throughout the channel, making it extremely beneficial to fully complete your channel before queuing up the next spell.

Many players will accidentally clip the last tick of the channel, cancelling the final missile and robbing them of a noticeable amount of damage. This can be solved by using! This induces slight input lag, causing a slight delay between the end of your channel and the beginning of a new cast, so it is not recommended.Forgot your password?

If you play with Warmode on, we have your PvP talents covered as well. Talents can be freely changed when out of combat and in a rested XP area such as an inn or a capital city. Moreover, Tome of the Tranquil Mind and Codex of the Tranquil Mind can be used to temporarily allow players to change talents anywhere, as long as they are out of combat.

While optimizing talents on a contextual basis is the highly recommended method of setting up your build, the talent builds listed below work great for specific purposes. Rule of Threes is the best single-target choice.

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It is also the best choice on most AoE situations. It being the best on AoE may seem counterintuitive at first, since there is no direct component to Rule of Threes that boosts its AoE damage, however, after reaching 3 Arcane Charges, you can cast 1 Arcane Blast for free, which allows you to get more Arcane Barrage s out. This talent tier is largely a matter of preference between Shimmer and Slipstream. Slipstream guarantees that Evocation cannot be cancelled by movement, and improves the caster's ability to reposition while channeling Arcane Missiles.

Shimmer greatly improves mobility, and by extension, survivability. This tier is largely a matter of preference between these 2 talents and the ideal choice almost certainly varies by encounter. Slipstream is recommended on fights where you can plan your movement ahead of time, whereas Shimmer is recommended on fights where you have to react to sudden mechanics.

It is also worth noting that Shimmer has 2 charges, as opposed to Blink's single charge. Rune of Power is the best theoretical DPS choice for any amount of targets. However, Incanter's Flow is very close, and Rune of Power is quite restrictive, so it may not be practical for all encounters. Below, we have listed some reasons which may cause you to not pick Rune of Power, but instead go with Incanter's Flow :. Mirror Image is not used.

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Charged Up is the best option for single target. Supernova is a mostly a crowd-control option, if you need to improve your control in dungeons via the knock up effect. Touch of the Magi is the best single target option.Forgot your password? On this page, you will find a number of useful macros and addons to make your life easier when playing your Arcane Mage in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth BfA 8.

ElvUI is a complete replacement for the default User Interface.

maxdps mage

Not only is this a popular AddOn among top players, but we here at Icy Veins use it for all our characters. ElvUI eliminates most of the inefficiencies of the Blizzard interface, which are many and varied. It is extremely user friendly, and takes very little time to set up and master. It also comes already furnished with almost everything you need; unit frames, raid frames, minimap, buffs and debuffs, and much more.

You can easily unlock and drag all the components around so your UI will look exactly the way you want it to.

Arcane Mage DPS Spec, Builds, and Talents — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

ElvUI is clean, easy to use, and a great starting point for your UI. Weak Auras is the most important AddOn for players seeking to master their class and take their gameplay to new heights.

If you aspire to do any Mythic raiding, this is the most powerful tool in your kit. Weak Auras allows you to display helpful visuals cues anywhere on your screen, which enable you to play better. Most players use it to track their trinket procs, highlight on screen displays of their most important cooldowns, or track the timers of boss mechanics.

It is highly customisable and makes keeping track of your procs and cooldowns effortless. The drawback of Weak Auras is that is has a bit of a learning curve and isn't the most user friendly. Weak Auras allows you to import other players data directly into their UI, however, and most players choose to simply import other people's Weak Auras rather than make their own.

Weak Auras can be used to create just about anything you can imagine, as it is a LUA scripting tool essentially an AddOn that creates other AddOns, in-game. This is by far the most essential AddOn for players looking to step into Mythic raiding. Boss Mods are helpful pre-made timers that allow you to keep track of the noteworthy mechanics in any given encounter. Usually they come equipped with helpful prompts, visuals, and sounds to ensure you don't miss anything important.

BigWigs is the best boss mod available currently. It is extremely customizable, allowing you to change what is displayed on an individual boss level and how boldly you want each alert customized. BigWigs is typically the most accurate and periodically updated of the available Boss Mods. It doesn't require any setup at all, though there are a dizzying array of options and customizations should you wish to personalize your setup. Deadly Boss Mods is an alternative to BigWigs, though it usually isn't as accurate early in the patch.

Most of the alerts are loud and flashy by default, making this a potentially good choice for players who have very little experience in a raid environment. Nameplates are essential for allowing you to easily keep track of basic debuffs and quickly select new targets in combat.

While ElvUI nameplates do come standard with the AddOn, they are a little limited and occasionally buggy. Listed below are some good alternatives. KUI Nameplates offer the highest degree of customization and accuracy.

For example, you can easily configure the nameplates to enlarge and change color when a target reaches a certain percentage of health, which can be very helpful for classes with executes. They always correctly display your debuffs, and their click box is very accurate. Some setup is required, although it is very simple and straightforward. They are also great out of the box, requiring little to no setup at all, which is a plus for some players.

Damage meters display a variety of helpful data about what is taking place in combat, from your current DPS or HPS to the number of interrupts each player successfully used. Skada is a lightweight damage meter that is exceptionally accurate. It doesn't take up much memory, which could cause you to lag, and displays a wide range of helpful data.Forgot your password?

Frost has always excelled at limiting enemy movement while dealing reliable and predictable damage. Frost has always been a very potent choice for leveling and world content given you can endlessly kite enemies, with a multitude of snares and roots combined with damage on the move.

Frost is great at quickly bursting down priority adds, either by holding onto Mastery: Icicles for Glacial Spike or by holding procs for a quick burst.

Like all Mage specializations, Frost has high mobility and is fantastic at doing encounter-specific jobs and baiting mechanics.

Between Ice FloesShimmerand a variety of instant cast spells, high movement encounters have minimal impact on Frost's overall output. This buff, combined with moderate Mastery-based Corruption items, pushes Frost almost on par with Arcane for single target.

However, obtaining those in all slots will prove to be difficult for most. Frost Mages only received 1 change in Patch 8. This change does not achieve Blizzard's desired goal of putting Ice Lance back in Frost's single-target rotation. It does, however, put it into our cleave rotation. The Mastery buff of Patch 8. Frost is the weakest of the three Mage specs, by a small margin, when simmed with no Corruption. However, Frost has some of the highest stat scaling right now due to Mastery, and has proven to be formidable with Mastery-based Corruption effects, catching up to Arcane's formidable single target damage.

Combined with access to Time Warp and Arcane Intellectwe are very desirable in most groups. Flash Freeze was a huge boon given to us in Patch 8. Packed Ice also allows for an alternative playstyle that is incredibly effective on 2-target sustained cleave. This guide has been written by Kunione of the best Frost Mages in the world, who raids in Mortal Desire. Sign In Remember me Not recommended on shared computers.

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maxdps mage

Diablo III. Diablo IV. Borderlands 3. Overwatch 2. Tanking Guide. Healing Guide. WoW Classic Class Guides! Death Knight. Leveling Up Communication Both of my podcasts have a co-host who is not in the same physical location as me. Therefore, we need to use some sort of Internet-based communication software (Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, etc.

A lot of it was YouTube videos of advanced editing or very basic stuff. Home About Archive Conferences Courses Interviews Contributing RSS Twitter GitHub Built with blogdown and Hugo.

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Best DPS Addon HEKILI -WOW- Battle for Azeroth

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